It is never a good idea to use words like “the best”, “the biggest” or “the strongest” because everything is relative in life and you can always find someone to argue with that statement. On the other hand, when it comes to the basketball fans in Romania, you can easily say that the most passionate fans are the supporters of BC Mures and CSU Sibiu.

Of course, there are other great fans that we must mention, like the devoted people from Oradea or the traditional black-and-white supporters from Cluj but if we talk about passion for this game and for their favorites Mures and Sibiu fans are on the top.

Even if it`s hard to describe what passion means and the emotion that these fans feel, we will give it a try  🙂

Being passionate about basketball and your team, means that you are starting to talk about the game long before it even starts. You chat with your friends on facebook and forums, you talk about the game with your colleagues at work, with your families at home and always make sure that you plan ahead for the weekend or weekdays so that you can go and watch your favorites.

Fans from Mures and Sibiu often check the stats, the players from the other team, they argue about tactics, rotation and their coaches. Some of them even get paranoid and talk about the referee`s in advance, saying that the opponent will get some help from them 😉

On the day of the game they walk up with great energy and they often feel like this will be a good day. They don`t always realize or know why, they just feel it, they will have 2 hours of great adventure in “The Jungle” or at the Sala Transilvania.

As the game starts off, they are all fired up and find themselves jumping off their seats at every successful move. They scream, they shout, sing and cheer and sometimes they even loose their objective judgment about some decision made by the officials. But it`s ok, it all makes part the game, of being passionate about your team and supporting them throughout the game.


You must know that being a fan for these two clubs doesn`t always mean that you are standing behind the guy with the drum and singing all the songs. The people that support these teams are everywhere in the stadium and made up from almost every age category: children, teenagers, young couple or middle aged women and men, even grandparents or very old people. They all cheer as one, they all watch the game with intensity and lots of passion in their heart. They stand up to push their team from behind or boo their opponent (or the referee`s) to create some pressure.

There is an other common thing between fans from Mures and Sibiu: they both expect that their players give everything they have on the court and they fight even if the other team is way ahead on the scoring table. All they want is to see the same passion from the guys, the same energy, intensity and willingness as they feel when supporting the team.

Lets face it, passion often means some great disappointments too. We have all seen it, your team looses and than there is great disappointment in the stadium, mixed feelings between the fans. Some of them try to find the mistakes, the bad tactics, moves from the coaches, the wrong decisions of some players or the mistakes of the referees. This also means passion, it means they care and they are affected by the bad result but the good thing is that there is always a next game and their passion comes alive, restarts and turns them optimistic, helps them concentrate for the next battle, hoping that their favorites will come up with a  good result.

Passion is great and if these fans will be able to combine it with fair-play and respect for each other and the game, they might become “the best” fans from the Romanian Championship.

In the end we are all winners because we love this game and we have something special: The Passion for the Game!