Taking a fairly objective look at the real chances for the two teams, we think that Sibiu has more chances to win the decisive game number 5 and qualify for the next round.

Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Home court advantage. Sibiu will have a big boost from the home fans and it is likely they will capitalize on that. Home crowd usually give you that extra energy that is very much needed in these final games.
  2. Great home record for Sibiu in the regular season. They have won 12 games at home and lost only 2 (one against U Cluj and one against Steaua).
  3. The best defense in Romania for Sibiu. Defense is the most important key for the playoffs success and they perform very well in this department. They usually allow under 70 points so it will be very hard for BC Mures to score more.
  4. Coach Fleseriu is good tactician. He always brings some good elements in the game and likes to surprise his opponents.
  5. The rotation of Sibiu is younger than the players from Mures. Hardy and Davis are 23, Cooper is only 27 and Paliciuc is 29. It is more likely that their body will regenerate faster and they will be more fresh in the last game.
  6. Bogdan Popescu plays with great intensity and sacrifices his body when is needed. He knows perfectly how to force the limits of the game rules and gives confidence for the whole team. He is a true leader and his game will probably be decisive for his team.
  7. BC Mures still has 25% chances and they will try to build on everything they have. Their defense has lots of wholes and the time to fix them is extremely short.
  8. In almost every game the big man for BC Mures had foul troubles and Lazar Laszlo is playing injured. Their only chance to limit the high number of offensive rebounds by Sibiu is to work as a team and help out each other in the paint.
  9. The key player of BC Mures, point guard Goran Martinic is not performing very good but he has a very high basketball IQ and he is trying to help his team in other ways too. He is the type of player that can explode anytime, can make 3-4 three pointers in just a couple of minutes so it will be interesting to see how he will manage the shooting and the offense.
  10. BC Mures is not playing with patience in the offense. Many players hold the ball for to many seconds and when the clock is running down they are making quick decisions and shoot the ball from bad positions. They played like this in all the games and unfortunately the ball sharing is not very good.

In conclusion, we think that there is no pressure anymore on the teams. From this moment it is just a “winner takes it all” situation that will probably bring out the best from all the players. We wish them good luck and hope that the fair-play will dominate this game.

Let`s go Mures! Dream Big!