Playes for BC Mures: since 2002 IMG_8760

Position: center/power forward

Number: 14

Country: Romania (Singeorgiu de Padure)

Date of birth: 08-11-1981

Height: 205 cm

Weight: 96 kg

Teams: Herlitz Mobex Targu-Mures, Gaz Metan Medias (2004-2006), Perla Harghitei M-Ciuc (2011-2012).

Playing for BC Mures: The oldest member of BC Mures and one of the most devoted guys on the team played under all coaches since 2002. He is an ambitious player who comes in with great energy having a good middle range jump-shoot. In his early years he was constantly used in the rotations but currently he only plays limited minutes.

Photos from and Bathori Zsigmond