Played for BC Mures: 2012/2013; 2013/201412159_10152366376425634_284930048_n

Before: U-Cluj, Gaz Metan Media (2004-2011)

Current team: U-BT Cluj-Napoca

Position: small forward/power forward

Number: 13

From: Romania (Cluj-Napoca)

Date of birth: 26-01-1983

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 100 kg

Teams: U-Cluj, Gaz Metan Media (2004-2011).

Playing for BC Mures: He is the most energetic defensive player on the team, plays with great confidence and is a constant support for his teammates. In the 2012-2013 season he got injured before the playoffs and was out for several months. This season he was appointed as team captain by Srecko Sekulovic and is a great back-up for power forward Ivan Ivanovici. Usually he is one of the first players for substitution and gives his team a boost in confidence and big help in defense. A great rebounder who can get the ball even if his opponents are a taller or bigger them him. In offense he helps with blocks and sometimes scores from 3 point range. On his arrival the fans were skeptic at the beginning but rapidly turned a fan favorite after they saw his dedication on the court and his constant effort to win games. His legal name is Teodor Gabriel Jucan and is married since June 2008. Ha has been selected several times for the Romanian national team.

Photos from and Bathori Zsigmond