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The Passion for the Game – Mures vs. Sibiu


It is never a good idea to use words like “the best”, “the biggest” or “the strongest” because everything is relative in life and you can always find someone to argue with that statement. On the other hand, when it comes to the basketball fans in Romania, you can easily say that the most passionate fans are the supporters of BC Mures and CSU Sibiu. Continue reading “The Passion for the Game – Mures vs. Sibiu”


Why is Fiba Europe Cup important?


After an ugly defeat in Lithuania, BC Mures bounced back in the Romanian Championships with a thriller against Timisoara and an easy win against Baia Mare. Today the team will play in Estonia against TLÜ/Kalev and could secure the ticket for the next round with a victory. Continue reading “Why is Fiba Europe Cup important?”

The real test


It is good to be back in Europe and even better if you start the competition with a victory. For BC Mures the win against TLÜ/Kalev gave some much needed confidence boost and some optimism for its fans but the real test in the Fiba Europe Cup will be the game against the strong Lithuanian side Prienu-Birstono. Continue reading “The real test”

Back to Europe


After missing 2 consecutive seasons from the international competitions, BC Mures is back in the new competition format Fiba Europe Cup. Continue reading “Back to Europe”

Unfinished Business


In the last season we had a dream, a dream that almost became reality thanks to some great players, coaching staff and devoted fans. We lost the last fight for the Championship but we all managed to regroup and start a new journey for next season and hopefully make that dream come true. Continue reading “Unfinished Business”

The 2016 Calendar


In the current year, the 2016/2017 season will have a total of 20 games, including matches in the Fiba Europ Cup regular season and the Romanian Championships. Continue reading “The 2016 Calendar”

The story of the stolen logo


In the last couple of years, fans had many discussions about the current logo of BC Mures. They suggested to the management to change it, make something new, create something original. The fans even participated at a logo competition announced by the club but at the end no changes were made by the management. We still don`t know why. Continue reading “The story of the stolen logo”

Injury update – Sept. 5.


The 2016/2017 season started with couple of preseason games but also with several players on the bench with different injuries. Some of them got injured during the preseason action or training and others are recovering from surgery. Continue reading “Injury update – Sept. 5.”

Barni Szaszgaspar: “Players must show their strong character”


Let`s see what Barni Szaszgaspar, coah of BC Mures, declared after losing game 3. of the finals against Oradea.

about Oradea … “I want to congratulate Oradea, today they were better than us” Continue reading “Barni Szaszgaspar: “Players must show their strong character””

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